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Digicel Mobile Money

Digicel Mobile Money

Digicel Mobile Money is a new service that turns your mobile phone into a wallet. Now  you can send money to family and friends, pay your Digicel postpaid bills, top up your phone or someone else's and withdraw cash from select Digicel stores and Post Offices nationwide. And you can also check and change your account details all from your mobile phone. To use Digicel Mobile Money just dial *888# then hit Send.



It's easy to register and only takes a few minutes. We'll show you how:

1.     Dial *888# then hit Send

2.     Select 888 to register

3.     You will now receive an SMS welcoming you to Digicel Mobile Money, and a temporary PIN. It will also ask you to go into My Account change details and PIN.

4.     When you go into My Account and select Change Details, you will receive an SMS please reply to this with the following details separated by a hash or number sign ie First Name#Last Name#Full address#Occupation#Registration code

5.     Then you go in again *888# and select change PIN, to set your PIN, replacing the tempoarary PIN

If you need assistance with registration please call Customer Care for free on 123.

Pacific Money Transfer

With Digicel Mobile Money you can send money transfers to your family or friends with a Digicel phone in Samoa, Tonga or Fiji from your computer or smartphone.

The money arrives straight to their Digicel phone. What's even better is that you can choose to send your transfer as money or as Top Up.

If you send it as money, your family can withdraw cash, purchase goods, Top Up or pay their bills with any of our registered utilities.

The following are the Digicel Mobile Money agents where you can use this fantastic service from Digicel.

Agent Agent Number Division Center Physical Location
Adi MaiWata Vosamana 6797616258 Eastern Koro lsland Nasau Koro Island
Alisha 88 Store 6797109314 Central Nasinu Lot 45 Pilling Road, Nasinu
Anare Tavola 6797605868 Eastern Koro lsland Nabura Koro Island
ANZ Ba 6797176869 Western Ba Ba Town
ANZ Centerpoint 6797177864 Central Suva Centerpoint 4 Miles
ANZ House 6797183067 Central Suva ANZ House in Suva Town
ANZ Labasa 6797177752 Northern Labasa Labasa Town
ANZ Lami 6797176578 Central Suva Lami town Behind Total Fiji
ANZ Lautoka 6797176713 Western Lautoka Lautoka Town
ANZ Nadi 6797177808 Western Nadi Nadi Town
ANZ Nadi Airport 6797176515 Western Nadi Nadi Airport
ANZ Namaka 6797176834 Western Nadi Namaka Nadi
ANZ Nausori 6797176613 Central Nausori Nausori Town
ANZ Samabula 6797177839 Central Suva Samabula
ANZ Savusavu 6797176459 Northern Savusavu Savusavu Town
ANZ Sigatoka 6797176722 Western Sigatoka Sigatoka Town
ANZ Tapoo City 6797177849 Central Suva Tappoo City Suva Town
ANZ Tavua 6797176547 Western Tavua Tavua Town
ANZ USP 6797183051 Central Suva Usp Campus 
Brothers Mini Mart 6797339542 Western Nadi 1st Shop on the left after the airport, Waimalika, Nadi
BSP Ba 6797681493 Western Ba Ba Town
BSP Centre Point 6797681494 Central Suva Manohan Building, 4 Miles, Nasinu
BSP Dominion House 6797681495 Central Suva Suva Town
BSP Labasa 6797681496 Northern Labasa Labasa Town
BSP Lautoka 6797681497 Western Lautoka Lautoka Town
BSP Levuka 6797681498 Eastern Levuka Levuka Town
BSP Nadi 6797681499 Western Nadi Main St Nadi
BSP Namaka 6797681500 Western Nadi Namaka
BSP Nausori 6797681502 Central Nausori Nausori Town
BSP Pacific Harbour 6797681503 Central Pacific Harbour Pacific Harbour
BSP Pacific House 6797681504 Central Suva Suva Town
BSP Rakiraki 6797681508 Western Rakiraki Rakiraki Town
BSP Samabula 6797636398 Central Suva Samabula
BSP Savusavu 6797636542 Northern Savusavu Savusavu Town
BSP Sigatoka 6797681507 Western Sigatoka Sigatoka Town
BSP Suva Central 6797681511 Central Suva Suva Town
BSP Suva Renwick 6797636394 Central Suva Suva Town
BSP Taveuni 6797681512 Northern Taveuni Taveuni
BSP Tavua 6797681510 Western Tavua Tavua Town
BSP Top Town 6797688199 Western Nadi Nadi
Chand Retailers 6797588063 Central Nausori Dilkusha, Opposite Saraswati College
Chandra's Neighbourhood Store 6797147164 Central Suva Lot 1 matanikarivatu RD Makoi
Chaudhry Holdings 6797364653 Central Nausori Vunimono Rd, before Vunimono High, Nausori
Classic 6797079786 Western Rakiraki Waileka Street, Main Town,Rakiraki.
Dayals, spices & Kava 6797616098 Central Suva Suva Market Upstairs
Digicel Business 6797601298 Central Suva Kadavu House Victoria Parade
Digicel Market Kiosk Nadi 6797177040 Western Nadi Near Nadi Market
Digicel Market Kiosk Suva 6797601302 Central Suva Market Place Suva
Digicel Namaka Store 6797651805 Western Nadi Namaka Town
Digicel Savusavu Kisok 6797515421 Northern Savusavu Savusavu Town
Digicel Sigatoka Flagship 6797618244 Western Sigitoka Main Street, Sigatoka Town
Digicel Sports City Kiosk 6797164506 Central Suva Laucala bay Sport City
Digicel Store Ba  6797674205 Western Ba Ba Town
Digicel Store Caines Janiff 6797601293 Central Suva Opposite Suva Central Suva
Digicel Store Cumming Street 6797601292 Central Suva Cumming Street Suva
Digicel Store Labasa 6797601291 Northern Labasa Main Street Labasa
Digicel Store Lautoka 6797601294 Western Lautoka Lautoka City
Digicel Store Nadi 6797574081 Western Nadi Main Street Nadi
Digicel Store Suva 6797601290 Central Suva Thompson Street
Digicel Store Tavua 6797673803 Western Tavua Main Street, Tavua Town
Elaine 6797294976 Eastern Rotuma Rotuma
Epeli Bateanakadavu 6797556089 Eastern Kadavu Tavuki Kadavu
Flying Prince Auto Services 6797173944 Western Rakiraki Nadovi Rakiraki
FNU Koronivia 6797180154 Central Nausori Koronvia
FNU Lautoka 6797175620 Western Lautoka Lautoka
FNU Namaka 6797175400 Western Nadi Namaka Nadi
FNU Nasinu 6797179345 Central Nasinu Nasinu
FNU Pacifika 6797173716 Central Suva Pasifika
FNU Samabula 6797181594 Central Suva Samabula
GMR & Sons 6797616139 Central Nakasi Nakasi
Go-kools Hot Snacks 6797409344 Western Sigatoka Sigatoka Market
Gulab Daas & Sons 6797618205 Eastern Levuka Beach Street, Levuka Town
Gulab Dass Service Station 6797440564 Northern Savusavu Savusavu Town
Hakim's Shopping Centre 6797396346 Northern Taveuni Qarawalu Taveuni
Hungs Fast Phone 6797484285 Central Suva Shop 54,Yatulau Acade, Suva
Immam's Retailers 6797402544 Central Navua Wainadoi Road, turn 1st right, pass bridge, 1st gate purple bldg,Navua
Izy Stop Shop 6797409892 Western Korovislau Pass Latianara Sec.Sch,Pink Shop near krovisilou Highway
Jamuna Prasad Canteen 6797630153 Northern Labasa Labasa Market Near Bus Stand, Labasa
Jasyas Investment 6797173968 Western Lautoka Anupam Building, Lautoka City
Jim's Service Station 6797587541 Northern Labasa beside FSC,Valovi Labasa
Jinshens Enterprice  6797109299 Central Suva 18 Daya St Vatuwaqa
Jitens Mini Mart 6797364220 Northern Labasa Wailevu Labasa
Kewals Dairy Shop 6797616230 Central Suva New Town Taciruwa East 23 Naqumu Rd
Kuini Tavisa 6797368499 Eastern Kadavu Tiliva Village School Compound, Naleca, Kadavu
Kundan Singh Drasa 6797180132 Western Lautoka Drasa Lautoka
Kundan Singh Marina 6797172824 Central Suva Walubay Marina
Kundan Singh Nabua 6797173014 Central Suva Nabua
Kundan Singh Nausori 6797173094 Central Nausori Nausori Pass brigde
Kundan Singh Sigatoka 6797181433 Western Sigatoka Sigatoka Town
Kundan Singh Tamavua 6797182769 Central Suva Tamavua
Laisa Seniceva 6797110113 Eastern Kadavu Vunisea Kadavu
Lal's Video Centre 6797616160 Central Suva Nands Shopping Mall Nabua.
Life Pharmacy 6797617423 Central Nausori Main Street Nausori
Liva Store 6797179323 Western Sigatoka Sigatoka
M. Aziz 6797204693 Northern Dreketi Macuata, Dreketi
M.Goundar & Sons 6797109302 Central Suva 51 Namuka st Samabula
M.P Khan & Sons 6797404550 Northern Labasa Seaqaqa 
Manasa Korotaci 6797774005 Central Suva Lot 116 Korosawa Rd Cunnigham Stage 4
Marika Bulimaibau 6797615290 Eastern Gau Qarani
Mau Investment  6797616153 Central Navua Navua
Modern Mini Mart 6797109294 Central Navua Pass Navua Hospital, ist shop on the left, before Navua town , Navua
Muni Prasad Canteen 6797480224 Central Kinoya Lot 26 koka place,kinoya
Nacamaki Coorperative 6797616186 Eastern Koro lsland Nacamaki Koro Island
Naivuloni Vondro 6797577792 Eastern Koro Is Koro Island
Nakorovou Shopping Centre 6797179381 Northern Labasa Nakorovou Bua
Namatau Shopping Centre 6797173590 Western Ba Ba
Narendra Shopping Centre 6797173052 Western Tavua Tavua Town
Nasekula Mini Mart 6797440453 Northern Labasa Nasekula Rd, Labasa
Nausori Airport Bokkshop 6797616127 Central Nausori Nausori Airport Bookshop
Nautovatu Western Canteen 6797175475 Western Nadi Musket Cove Resort
P.A Kasau Store 6797180382 Northern Bua Nabuwalou Bua
Pasifikonxion Net cafe 6797332320 Central Laucala Beach Shop 6 Vivras Plaza, Laucala Beach
PostFiji Korovou 6797440569 Central Tailevu Korovou Town
PostFiji Labasa 6797587550 Northern Labasa Main Street Labasa
PostFiji Nabua 6797389215 Central Suva Nabua
PostFiji Nadi 6797440472 Western Nadi Opposite Nadi Market
PostFiji Nasinu 6797502303 Central Nasinu Valelevu
PostFiji Suva 6797605990 Central Suva CBD Suva
Pratap Engraving 6797389042 Western Nadi Sanjay Prasad Building, Shop No. 3, Namaka Nadi
Pratap Investment Ltd 6797173726 Western Sigatoka Kabisi Sigatoka
Praveesh Home Service Centre 6797116045 Central Nasinu Lot 40 satge 1 Makoi
Quality Business Systems Ltd 6797616352 Central Suva Lakeba Street, Samabula
R & R Rao & Sons 6797182695 Western Lautoka Matuwalu Lautoka
Rajeev's Service Station 6797616082 Central Navua Pacific Harbour
Ram Jattan Supermarket 6797616181 Central Navua Navua Town
Ram Pati & Sons 6797616298 Central Koroniva Koroniva
Ram Refreshment Bar 6797175538 Western Rakiraki Vaileka St Rakiraki
Rambolo Shopping Centre 6797173690 Western Tavua Tavua Highway
Rana's Snack Bar 6797109280 Northern Labasa Opposite Post Fiji, Labasa Town
Ravindras Dairy Shop 6797440776 Northern Savusavu Savusavu Main Town, Opposite Value Fones
Reddy's Royal Service Ltd 6797180473 Western Lautoka Lautoka
Rocky’s Canteen 6797243338 Central Navua Pass Rampur Collage 4th canteen near Highway
Roti Shop 6797616076 Central Suva Dolphin Plaza Suva
Samuela's Canteen 6797616191 Central Lami Lami Village, Lami
Sanjay Kumar 6797226330 Central Nasinu Lot 44 damu Rd Nepani
Satiya Nand Store 6797181623 Northern Savusavu Savusavu Airport Rd
Semi Rainabogi 6797616536 Eastern Koro lsland Nacamaki Koro Island
Shalesh Shopping Centre 6797616296 Central Navua Navua
Shameem's Service Station 6797179380 Western Sigatoka Sigatoka
Subhan Khan Store 6797643772 Northern Labasa Tambia Labasa
Sunlight Store 6797409374 Western Nadi Namaka Nadi
Swadesh India Travel Tours Ltd 6797173839 Central Suva Khatari Hall Suva
Tagimocia Jewellers 6797440450 Northern Taveuni Nagara Town
Tamavua Food Mart 6797686296 Central Suva 461 Princes Rd Tamavua
Taniya Shopping Center 6797364657 Central Nasinu Kalokalo Crescent 8 Miles, Nasinu
Tee Mariners Shop 6797431410 Northern Labasa Airport Road, 1st Shop,Wailevu Labasa
U.V.J.A Store 6797693970 Eastern Kadavu Nacewa Kadavu
Veitatini Shop 6797477445 Western Vatukaola Matanigata Vatukoula
Veramo Samaki 6797409284 Eastern Kadavu Kavala Kadavu
Viria West Shopping Centre 6797463637 Central Suva Malau Street, Vatuwaqa Housing, Opposite Police Post, Vatuwaqa
Waimicia Shopping Centre 6797616538 Western Rakiraki Rakiraki Town
Wainibokasi Service Station 6797164505 Central Nausori Wainibokasi, Opposite Wainibokasi Hospital, Nasori
Westpac Ba 6797630386 Western Ba Bank St, Ba Town
Westpac Cumming Street 6797630391 Central Suva Cumming Street, Suva
Westpac Labasa 6797630378 Northern Labasa Nasekula Rd, Labasa
Westpac Laucala Bay 6797630375 Central Suva FPSA Sports City, Laucala Bay
Westpac Lautoka 6797630389 Western Lautoka 175 Vitogo Pde, Lautoka City
Westpac Levuka 6797630377 Eastern Levuka Beach Rd, Levuka
Westpac MHCC 6797630379 Central Suva Thomson St Suva
Westpac Nabua 6797630392 Central Suva 550 Ratu Mara Rd, Nabua
Westpac Nadi 6797630390 Western Nadi Main Street Nadi
Westpac Nakasi 6797630381 Central Nakasi Tebara Plaza 9 Miles, Nakasi
Westpac Namaka 6797630388 Western Nadi Namaka Line, Namaka
Westpac Nausori 6797630376 Central Nausori Cnr of NG Patel Rd, Nausori
Westpac Port Denarau 6797630380 Western Nadi Denarau Mariner, Nadi
Westpac Rakiraki 6797630387 Western Rakiraki Yaratale Rd Vaileka, Rakiraki
Westpac Savusavu 6797630384 Northern Savusavu 12 Naveria Balaga Rd, Savusavu
Westpac Sigatoka 6797630393 Western Sigatoka Queens Rd, Sigatoka
Westpac Suva 6797630374 Central Suva 1 Thomson St Suva
Westpac Tavua 6797630385 Western Tavua Main Street Tavua
Westpac USP 6797360382 Central Suva USP Campus